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September 23, 2008


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it was pretty clear that most of the Senators were unwilling to risk affronting the money masters

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made bad investments, why should people like the Goldman Sachs partners retain any ownership at all? Why should they come out of this better than the Bear Stearns partners did? Wht not just


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Wicked Warren

My tenure on the planet is approaching 87 years. I became politically conscious in the midst of the Great Depression. It is difficult to pull the wool over my eyes. After many hours of fruitless research, I still am unable to identify Paulson's ethnicity. That he was "raised Christian Scientist" is irrelevant. He was born in Palm Beach, Florida, and his father was in the jewelry industry. Those two facts smack heavily of the kosher persuasion. I will wager my shriveled and tattered portfolio that Hank Paulson is a closeted Jew. What say you? How might anyone but a Jew rise to the level of CEO/Chair. at Goldman Sachs? Jew Chuck Schumer in Senate and Jew-pervert Barney Frank in House surely pressured Jew- slave George Bush to appoint Paulson to Treasury. Dumb Americans are the result of decades of Jew-controlled public education. Jew Abe Foxman at ADL has been successful at brainwashing the few people whose IQ's are numerically greater than their ages. I believe a second American revolution will be required to break the Jews' chokehold on Congress and the White House. Ron Paul is key to disseminating the unvarnished truth to the masses. God bless him, and God bless David Duke who fearlessly calls a spade a spade; i.e., a Jew a Jew!

Roy Mathers

The man of systems ... seems to imagine that he can arrange the different members of a great society with as much ease as the hand arranges the diffeent pieces upon a chesboard. He does not consider that the pieces upon the chessboard have no other principle of motion besides that which the hand impresses upon them; but that, in the great great chessboard of human society, every single piece has a principle of motion of its own, altogether different from that which the legislature might choose to impress upon it. If those two prnciples coincide and act in the same direction, the game of human society will go on easily and harmoniously and is very likely to be happy and successful. If they are opposite or different, the game will go on miserably and the society must be at all times in the highest degree of disorder.
Adam Smith

The collectivist nature of Mr. Paulson's proposal clearly shows how socialist good intentions pave the "road to serfdom" in cement.

Dan S.

I am posting the following to all Sen and Cong. And many more.
Unfortunately you did not have a selection for corrupt government for this email
My name is Daniel P. Shaw and I will be emailing all senators and congressman that if they support this bailout that they will no longer have my (our) support or vote. We personally do not require the services of our senators, congressman or corrupted government officials. We the people need a new clean slate and I personally will be asking for a second tea party to run ALL corrupt representatives out of office and DC. Some of the actions of the individuals that are suppose be the sounding board for the people they represent makes the MOB look like beginners in the world or crime. I personally don't care how it got this way all I know is that for me, my family, friends and colleagues you are no longer needed or represent us. We represent ourselves and as we have done in the past we will pull our bootstraps up and make this country proud and strong again without your representation. You may not even be on the take but your part of the problem because you have done nothing about the collapse of our government represented processes and the illegal activities. There really is no dignity, honor or self preservation of most of our representatives which such a sad insight of self.


You have Former CEO Paulson and the current CEO of Goldman Sachs sitting down in the same room discussing AIG with a 20 billion interest in the company. Can say beyond illegal? So I can only ask who is Paulson is in bed with because only a dim witted individual with a black hole for a brain and heart would even suggest something so deviant and think the American people would not realize what is happening. If you truly are a representative of the people you will not vote for this bill until Paulson is gone, fired or “lost” If he is going to act like a sly mobster then he should be treated like one. Since the people are the ones who were taken advantage of why not give the 700B to the people with a requirement to pay off mortgages. I mean hell you guys waist so much of our money as it is and Imagine the spending power of the base economy if you actually did something for the people first.

One last comment: I truly believe if you lackeys even come close to think you can use any of this money other than to repair what you disintegrated you will find that We The People will take back our country and using the ways of the first Tea Party if need be. By the way the only one who seems to have a clear view of this mess is Ron Paul why not listen to him? Someone who doesn’t take money that doesn’t belong to them.
I have left some insightful reading for you.
Thank you for your time,
The New Americas
Daniel P. Shaw

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