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February 01, 2007


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Timberland Boots

Thank you so much for sharing the post with all.You are bookmarked in my favourites.


However many Iraqis, both Sunni and Shi'a, are wising up to the real state of affairs in Iraq. If the U.S. tries to physically eliminate al-Sadr, it will likely light a brushfire of widespread resistance in southern Iraq and in Baghdad.


I loved to read that. Thank you so much for sharing the post with all.You are bookmarked in my favourites.

Dee Hall

Whether it was psyop or not I don't know but the shouts of Muktada!, Muktada! were reported at the time to have been made by people from the Interior Ministry who were guards. That confused me since they are supposedly connected to SCIRI. But then both Iran and the US finance interior, the US from the very beginning, so it was reported at the time. Maybe the Iraqi's just do what they want personally. We've been awash in propaganda about each group as it is so cut and dried and we know that's not true. At the time I dismissed the Muktada shouts as a good thing. Why would the US arrange something so dicey?

To me the most memorable thing about the execution of Saddam Hussein was when someone else yelled "Go to Hell" at Saddam and he replied. "Iraq is Hell!".


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