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February 14, 2007


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Luv your blog, and hate to disagree with you in this case, but I do not regard your Point 4. as the most compelling evidence to back up the Peak Oil theory.

An equally (or even more) credible explanation for a oil motivated takeover of Iraq was to put a halt to Saddam dumping his el-cheapo (to produce; it only costs ~$1/bbl to get Iraqi oil out of the ground) Iraqi light sweet crude under the table outside of OPEC strictures, and out the backdoor onto the global market during the 1996-2000 period to depress oil prices to historic lows (you know, during those halcyon Jurassic days ~7 yrs ago when gas prices in US were subdollar/gal and BigOil was screaming that they could not make a buck to save its supertankers).

BigOil, OPEC and the oil markets all were taking a major hit in their wallets because of late 1990's Saddam's selling of his too-plentiful oil outside the system, so he just had to go.

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